On the back of the success of recording The Native Divide’s “Your Friends Aren’t Mine” EP, the band were keen on working with MakoMedia to create a music video to release along side their single “Waste My Time”, so we met with the band to set about figuring out exactly what their music video would entail.

The band themselves said throughout the EP recording process that they wanted to capture their ‘raw’ ‘sound, the idea being that the recording would capture the bands ‘live’ feel. The band had previously mentioned that they had a few gigs coming up to promote the launch of their new EP, so this seemed like a great opportunity to capture exactly what the EP was all about and turn it into a music video.



Over the course of two separate gigs at the Citadel, St. Helens, we worked closely with the band to capture all the in’s and out’s of what goes into their live performances, capturing pre and post gig reactions and a combination of static and roving shots during the actual performance itself.

The editing process was then a case of marrying up the footage with the bands audio recording from their EP. In keeping with the bands EP artwork we decided to saturate the footage to give their overall product a uniformed feel. If you listen carefully, true fans of the band will also notice the inclusion of one of their other songs from the “Your Friends Aren’t Mine” EP.

You can also check out the bands insider interview here: