Wade Deacon High School in Widnes wanted to produce a video to highlight their excellent achievements in their school by highlighting the efforts of their admin and back-room staff, in order to show the impact that their efforts have on the pupils who attend the school.

We worked very closely with the school to understand exactly what is was that these members of staff did in order to best highlight their results in their video. The shoot timetable was organised with the help of Wade Deacon staff over the period of 2 weeks in order to fit around school time tables and work schedules.

As well as demonstrating the excellent facilities at the school, they wanted the said members of support staff to explain their roles at the school to the audience and then show what impact they had on the relevant pupils and classes.

The commission consisted of various classroom shots, external shots of the school and multiple pieces to camera from the various members of staff and their assistant head teacher, who presented the different segments of the film.

The film was a massive success with the school audience and resulted in another shoot to highlight the schools acclaimed ‘Continuos Professional Development’ or CPD system

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