At Mako we’re pleased to welcome to our team, Rebecca, our new Marketing Manager. Who will be working to bring our marketing practices up to speed. While we are currently on track towards great new plans, following our successful Code-A-Drone workshops over the past few months.

With a degree in Marketing and passion for IT, Rebecca has previous experiences working within Marketing departments for market leading companies. And smaller charity organisations who deliver government funded classes for the local community. All of these experiences, some of these involving helping children at after school clubs and teaching IT to people, are worthwhile in bringing value to Mako as we look towards the future. Outside of work, Rebecca also continues to learn essential marketing trends such as managing wordpress blogs, writing and dabbling into photography.

“I’m very happy to be on board with the team, it’s a fulfilling role so far being able to combine both my creative outlook and marketing knowledge together to promote and align myself towards the same goal that everybody has at Mako. There’s still many things to learn but I’m eager to get involved and I’m looking forward to see our workshop in action”

With Mako being a company that is highly involved in technology, bringing technology and learning together for children. We are always changing and altering to fit with current trends and demands designed by society itself. Many of these changes, we feel that Rebecca’s role is one that can develop and be shaped over the upcoming months. Through the involvement of workshops and industry events. With an educational background also in Computing, being a coding wizard is not essential for our activities, but we believe that Rebecca’s background can help. At Mako we work to positive contribution towards helping to inspire children to learn more about technology. We want everybody to feel confident towards the different things that can be achieved through using smart devices and gadgets.