As you may or may not know, the founders of MakoMedia (Ian & Sean) were once employed by the Widnes CLC, a facility that was utilised by many students and teachers to help aid the use of multimedia technology in the curriculum. Unfortunatly, the Widnes CLC was forced to close it’s doors this year due to the recent government cutbacks.

On a personal level, we were glad this happened as it resulted in us setting up MakoMedia, however the downside is that the schools of the Widnes area are now missing a wonderful facility. The impact of these changes are still yet to be fully discovered, but it seems to be important enough to make the local news:

End of an era as Widnes and Runcorn CLCs close their doors

To help combat the loss of this facility, MakoMedia is aiming to set up a freelance service (MakoEducation) that offers the same facilities that the Widnes CLC once offered in the not to distant future.