The MakoMedia Showreel is now live!

We’re very proud of our new video production showreel, as it highlights the many different types of videos and projects that we have worked on and produced in recent years. Take a look for yourself. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

We’ve enjoyed working with lots of organisations to help bring a plan into a reality, while not every plan is the same (as you can see) we aim to produce quality videos every time.

Over the years, the landscape of media technology has evolved and our business has changed with it, and so have video production services. 

Since we started in 2011, we’ve worked across many different sectors, with many clients, on a range of different videos. From corporate procedural DVD’s, to online product demo videos, to fly on the wall documentaries, to staged drama productions. 

In recent years, we’ve diversified our work, which has seen us producing more animation based projects, live multi-cam shoots and we’ve even started capturing ariel footage via the use of drones. 

What can we see in the new showreel?


In our new video production showreel, you can see drone footage, captured for online promotional material for True Fit Golf, highlighting their fantastic golf course and facilities. This footage is used primarly in their website as background media, but will also be utilised in other promo material.

Motion Graphics

A lot of our projects will now incorporate at least some motion graphics, be it simple lower third titles or a more flamboyant opening credit sequence. In videos like our Halton Housing Trust example, we used a combination of corporate reporting along with motion graphics to create a media-rich viewing experience.  



When a project takes days, weeks or even months to complete, it can hard to capture exactly what’s gone into its completion. With our Time-Lapse capturing service, we’ve been able to capture on-going work over large periods of time. One example featured in our video production showreel is the assembly of some display artwork which we helped to produce at Mahdlo over a period of 3 hours.


Video effects are a big part of filmmaking, being a creative organisation, we specialise in many styles. With green screen, we use chromakey technology replace backgrounds to place our subjects in any location. Our video production showreel highlights footage from a green screen workshops ran by MakoEducation for young people wishing to learn more about filmmaking.

Staged Drama Production

Over the years, we’ve shot many different drama and theatre productions, all over the north-west. Some productions we’ve recorded live using multiple cameras, however sometimes we get the chance to stage the performance so we can capture it scene by scene, using multiple takes from a variety of angles. Our video production showreel has examples of one such scripted and staged production by the M6 Theater Group, which was shot over the course of 3 different days over multiple locations, starring students from St Lukes CE Primary.


We’ve recently produced our first series of 100% animated videos. With zero live footage captured, we helped one of our clients (Addaction UK) produce a series of animated drug awareness videos. We put it to the client that by using animation, instead of traditional video techniques, they’d have more freedom and expression to communicate around sensative areas like drug abuse.


Documentary videos are great in getting an emotive perspective. We worked with Helena Housing as part of their re:new program to document the impact of their urban football sessions on the lives of the people in St Helens. Combined with interviews, our “Fly on the wall” footage during their training sessions really helps to portray the impact their work had in the community.

Other examples of documentary footage include behind the scenes of a “make a wish” day with  Heswall Camp, where disabled children the chance to take to the sky over the skyline of Liverpool. Another fly on the wall shoot was with the ever-popular Bethany Cammack, where we took a look at what happens behind the scenes during one of her charity fashion shoots.


Other footage includes capturing wildlife at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens, instructional videos and motion graphics with Solid Golf,  plus live coverage of the Olympic Touch parade through Halton, live music performance capture and loads more besides.


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