Halton welcomed the arrival of the Olympic torch on it’s trip around the UK by putting on a performance at the Brindley arts centre in Runcorn. Students from local schools got the chance to showcase their dancing, singing and acting talents in front of a sellout crowd, before gathering on the streets to cheer on the torchbearers as they pass through Runcorn and Widnes. MakoMedia was their to capture the whole event and produce Halton’s Official Olympic Torch Celebration DVD.

Halton's Olympic Torch DVD finally here!

Halton’s Olympic Torch DVD finally here!

Halton’s Official Olympic Torch DVD

The Brindley wanted to capture the event and distribute the footage both online and on DVD to all the participating students for their families to enjoy for years to come. We jumped at the chance to get involved and worked on producing the DVD and designing it’s packaging based on the overall Olympic theme. This week we received the final batch of 150 Official Halton Olympic Torch Celebration DVD’s fresh from our duplicators, and we hope you agree that they look great!

The DVD’s are currently in the process of being distributed by the Brindley, so if you managed to get your hands on one please let us know what you think using our comments section below.

The Official Olympic Torch DVD For Halton

The Official Olympic Torch DVD For Halton

The ceremony was a huge success and despite the wet weather outside, the atmosphere was electric. If you missed it first time please enjoy our highlights above.

Schools Performing:


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