Our latest client’s website is now live, and if you’ve had a flight delayed or cancelled within the last 6 years, you might want to check it out…




If you’ve ever missed out on a holiday or been stranded away from home due to a delayed or cancelled flight then FLIGHTDELAYCLAIMING.COM can help.

  • Flight delayed more than 3 hours?
  • Was it within the last 6 years?
  • Claim between £110 – £520*
  • No claim, No fee!

Check out the website for more details

What our client wanted

Our client wanted a simple, one-page website, that offers it’s users all the relevant information without any mess or confusing clutter.

We developed a website where users can easily:

  • See if they are eligible to apply
  • Know what happens when they do apply
  • Fill in the relevant information about their claim
  • Find FAQ’s about the claiming process

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