Video Production Service

Videos uses more of your audiences senses than any other medium. It sells your product or services using sight, sound and emotion. Your audience are more engaged and consequently, more likely to be convinced.

Video production is no longer simply about the video itself,  it’s about the message and what that message says about you. No matter if you need a polished corporate promotional video for your business or a gritty music video for your band, MakoMedia can help you deliver your message. We understand video production, and the multimedia and web technologies that go with it. From the initial storyboarding to the final editing stages, from conception right through to its delivery, we are always thinking about you and the message you want to portray.

We produce High Definition videos for all kinds of clients and audiences, from mainstream businesses to unsigned bands, live events on location or year long shoots, our mission is always the same – to provide creative and cost effective solutions for our clients so they can communicate their messages successfully. Our approach to video production is relaxed and friendly, so call us for a chat, pop in for a coffee or hit ‘Contact Us‘ and we will take it from there.

MakoMedia’s various video production examples: