Studio Recordings

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Studio Recordings

Our state of the art recording studio is located in Widnes. The studio combines the best of analogue and digital audio technology to help us produce the highest quality audio output. Both control and live room have been acoustically treated to insure you sound your best while recording and mixing.
Our engineers are experienced in numerous styles of music and will get the best possible results from your time in the studio.

The studio will fit up to a 7 piece band comfortably and is suitable for musicians and recording artists ranging from beginners to professionals.

Samples of Studio Work


Production Schedule

Before each of our recording sessions we meet with the artist and create a  production schedule. The production schedule helps us set out goals and set out a plan to make sure we achieve the best possible recordings. Below is an example of how our production schedule works.


We have a free planning meeting with each artist before our recording sessions. This meeting helps us understand exactly what the artist would like to achieve during their time in the studio. It also helps us set realistic goal to achieve the the best possible recordings.


We use the information obtained from the planing meeting to decide the recording techniques to best capture the artists “Sound”.


Once we have finished recording, we use the information gained from the planning session and combined it with the recordings to create a professional mix of the artist’s tracks. We always listen to your ideas to help guide the mixing process of the tracks.


If you decide to master your tracks with us they get sent to london for this process find out more on our sister site MakoRecords Mastering Page.


We have amazing designers who can create  you your album art work. If you would like to see examples of our artwork you can find our more on ourPromotional Design Page


We can get your recording printed to CD or distribute it onto iTunes and other online stores

Studio Equipment

Our studio is equipped with the highest quality of audio equipment. We only buy the best gear to make sure that your finished recording is to the highest standard. Please feel free to browse our equipment list below.

Equipuipment List

Desk / Audio interfaces

  • Soundcraft ghost rw5333
  • Motu Traveler
  • M-Audio ProjectMix


  • Behringer Truth b2031a
  • Yamaha msp 5
  • Bose companion 3 series 2

Headphone amps and headphones

  • Behringer headphone amp ha4700
  • Sennheiser HD25’s

Dynamic processors

  • Behringer XR4400 Multigate Pro
  • Behringer compressor Mdx 1200
  • Dbx 231 graphic EQ
  • Dbx 1066 compressor / limiter
  • Re-amp Box


  • T.c. Electronic effects processor m-one
  • Plenty of plugins

DJ Equipment

  • Pioneer cdj-350 and mixer dim-350


  • 2x AKG 414
  • 2x Audio technica – u857r
  • 2x Shure pg27
  • AKG Dig Drums Mic Kit
  • AKG D112
  • 2x AKG C1000
  • Loads of Shure 57’s, 58’s and DI Boxes


  • Mac Pro


  • Logic Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • Cubase


Half Day

Recording Studio

  •  4 Hours Studio Time
  • Sound Engineer
  • CD of recordings
  • Published to

Full Day

Recording Studio

  •  8 Hours Studio Time
  • Sound Engineer
  • CD of recordings for each member
  • Published to

2x Full Days

Recording Studio

  •  16 Hours Studio Time 
  • Sound Engineer
  • CD of recordings for each member
  • Published to


For more information on the work that Mako does with local talent check out: