Music Composition

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Music Composition

MakoMedia offer a complete copyright free music creation service. Bespoke musical scores for productions provides an ideal way of differentiating your video production from the competition. Bespoke musical scores are created from scratch, giving your film or video production an extra dynamic element which is unsurpassed in terms of quality and relevance to your specific production.

We can create music for:

  • Bespoke musical scores for film or video
  • Library music services
  • Sound effects or atmosphere for film, video or presentations
  • Background music
  • Stings for presentations & live events
  • Radio Jingles
  • Radio Music Beds



Production Schedule


We meet with you and discuss what you would like to achieve from each piece discuss how you will be using each composition and what options you have. By the end of the planning everyone involved will have a much clearer idea of how your music will sound.


We compose your music track using the information we discussed during the planning stage, we keep you informed on how the track is progressing and get feedback from you during this process to confirm the direction of the piece.


Once we have composed the tracks its we then mix them to get the balance of the tracks right.


Mastering is the difference between a demo track and a track that you hear released in the charts. If you are planning on selling our tracks this is an option we always advise. We will discuss the options in the planning meeting. MakoMedia use “The Edit Suite” London to master all of our tracks, they are responsible for mastering artists including Block Party, The drums, Robbie Williams and many more


We can design bespoke album artwork for your recordings.


We can get your recording printed to CD or distribute it onto itunes and other online stores



1x Composed Music

  •  1x track
  • Up To 4mins
  • CD of Audio
  • Copyright Ownership
from £200

Double Disk

2x Composed Music

  •  2x tracks
  • Up To 4mins
  • CD of Audio
  • Copyright Ownership
from £350


Album Composed Music

  •  10x tracks
  • Up To 4mins
  • CD of Audio
  • Copyright Ownership
from £1000